Tobacco misdeeds

Tobacco addiction in a few key-numbers

Tobacco is:

  • Responsible for 90% of lung cancers

  • An addiction encountered in 100% of COPD patients

  • A modifiable cardiovascular risk factor responsible for arterial hypertension, myocardial infarction, cerebrovascular accident, peripheral arterial disease affecting lower-limbs

  • A cause for erectile dysfunction

  • Causing 78000 deaths per year in France

  • Made of 4000 toxic substances amongst which 50 are carcinogenic and contained in cigarette smoke

  • An increased risk of ectopic pregnancies

  • 3 times the normal risk of miscarriage

  • An increased risk of premature births

Why stop smoking ?

The benefits of quitting smoking

The path to tobacco weaning is a difficult journey for many smokers, but some of the benefits of stopping can be very rapidly felt.

20 minutes after stopping. Your blood pressure decreases and gets back to normal, along with your heart pulsations.

8 hours after stopping: The amount of carbon monoxide in your blood is halved leading to a normalisation of the oxygenation of the cells.

24 hours after stopping: The myocardial infarction risk starts to diminish. There is no nicotine in your organism anymore.

24 hours after stopping: improvement of your senses of smell and taste, with the restoration of nerve endings responsible for taste perception.

72 hours after stopping: improvement of your respiratory function

2 weeks to 3 months after stopping: Cough and tiredness decrease. Your breathing improves as well as your physical capabilities

1 to 9 months after stopping: The muco-ciliary function is restored.

1 year after stopping: The myocardial infarction risk is halved. The cerebrovascular accident risk gets back to one of a non-smoker.

5 years after stopping: The lung cancer risk is almost halved.

10 to 15 years after stopping: Your life expectancy gets back to one of a non-smoker.

Quit smoking with Smoking-Stopper

To quit smoking is a considerable decision to make, one that requires to put all the odds on your side. Smoking-Stopper was conceived to supplement conventional methods to quit smoking currently available and recommended by health authorities and hence to maximise your chances of success.

Smoking-Stopper does not require a prescription from a health professional. It will be available at the chemist’s. Whether you order online or at the drugstore, the device will be delivered at your chosen Smoking-Stopper partner chemist’s, the one to analyse your first week report.

You can already go to your chemist’s and order the device. Once it is delivered at the drugstore, your chemist will hand it to you and you will be able to start your week of analysis.

This week will enable the application to collect real consumption data, to determine your smoking pattern and to establish a report on your smoking habits and your personal descending gradient of your cigarette intake.

At the end of this week, your chemist will analyse the report with you, will determine the descending gradient of your cigarette intake and will suggest the substitution treatments in line with your report.

Some partner chemists can also provide you with individualized coaching sessions.

NB: Smoking-Stopper is an innovative device, if your chemist’s is not a Smoking-Stopper  partner yet, you have the possibility, for a few months, to order the device online and to have it delivered at your residence.