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The method


Smoking Stopper is a brand-new integrative method of tobacco weaning. Delivered at the chemist’s, it provides support to recommended tobacco weaning methods. It was conceived and developed in a close partnership with tobacco experts. It enables willing smokers to reduce their daily intake of cigarettes until reaching a full-stop.

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- An approach taking into account the three forms of tobacco addictions: physiological, behavioral and psycho-affective.

- An individualized support provided by close-by health specialists, in the person of chemists specifically trained to make the weaning easier.

- A connected device made up of a case attached to an application to determine the smoker's profile, to set his/her goals and to adjust his/her daily consumption in real-time.

The Application

Each smoker is unique and uses his/her own markers to reduce his/her intake and to quit smoking. Defined in partnership with tobacco experts, the application holds 32 different smoker’s profiles. They help you determining your goals and controlling your intake.

smoking stopper application and pack

- Define your goals.

- View your intake.

- Assess your health benefits.

- Note the savings made.

- Consult tobacco experts for advice.

- Get in touch easily with a trained health professional to help you out.

An approach based on support

Taking into account the 3 main tobacco addictions must make it possible for the smoker to increase his/her chances to succeed in his/her tobacco weaning thanks to :

- A precise management of the intake of nicotine replacement to take care of the physiological addiction.

- A therapeutic monitoring (coaching) to take care of the behavioural addiction..

- A transitional object to collect data on his/her real consumption and to take care of the psycho-affective addiction.

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Because 97% of the smokers who try to quit smoking alone (1) get back to cigarettes, Smoking-Stopper is conceived to involve the interventions of a close-by health professional in your program.

Support: one of the three key factors to succeeding in tobacco weaning (2)

An initial assessment realised with a Smoking-Stopper trained chemist.

A support program to appropriate for your smoker profile.

A personalised follow-up with help from a health professional who has his/her own interface.

(1) HAS 2014 : Recommendations of good practices: Cessation of tobacco intake: from individual screening to the upkeep of abstinence in first resort..
(2) : NCBI bookshelf. Cigarette Smoking: Health Risks and How to Quit (PDQ®). Health Professional Version



Trainer partner from Francophone Society for Tobacco addiction (SFT)

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Smoking Stopper will be at CES in Las Vegas in January 2018. Meet us from 9th to 12th January in Eureka Park Hall G Booth 51248.


Smoking-Stopper application is available for download right now on Google Play and Apple Store

Keep in mind of downloading it as soon as you get your case !

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Smoking-Stopper application is granted among 10 best applications to quit smoking:

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Smoking Stopper is announced in the Quotidien du médecin as a credible solution to quit smoking !

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