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  • Smoking Stopper distribution worldwide ?

    Is the Smoking-Stopper method only available on line ?

    Mainly yes but you can also, sometimes, find the available Method and its device directly in certain chemists.

    On website, the Smoking Stopper's chemist partners location map  allows you to visualize the chemists which deliver the Method and those who distribute by having the device on sale on site.

    2017-11-07 18:06:31
  • Support with healthcare professional

    Why ask for help to a health professional to be assited in his weaning ?

    A smoker who tries to quit smoking alone get less than 10 chances on 100 to success.

    The fact of being accompanied with a health professional, among others to estimate your needs in taking of nicotinic subtitutes, can allow you to multiply by 4 to 5 your chances for success in you weaning.  

    2017-11-07 19:19:10
  • Support with healthcare professional

    I wish to be accompanied by the heath professional I choose, is it possible ?

    Absolutely, you're free to choose any therapist you want; chemist, medic, tabaco expert ans so on..

    The point is, the therapist you choose get tobacco addiction skills to support you.

    Smoking-Stopper propose or closest chemist partner from your homemais, or if you wish, a tobacco addiction expert from our specific phone line ''Tabacoach'', who can give you your smoker record and then, support you along your weaning way.

    2017-11-14 16:39:09
  • Why fight against addictions ?

    Can I use Smoking-Stopper device alone without the global Method ?

    Theorically yes, but it will reduce strongly your chances of success. Quitting smoking facing ti those 3 powerful addictions isn't easy and occasions are frequent !

    Smoking-Stopper method make a coherent toolkit placed at the disposal to smoker to give him maximum of chances to reach his target on his rythm with kindness; it should be a shame not to put all chances on his side!

    2017-11-14 16:46:05
  • Why fight against addictions ?

    Can I use Smoking-Stopper method to reduce my consumption without quiting ?

    Yes, it's possible; once your reducing target reached, you can keep this one for each new week program.

    But, why being arrived to this step, not to try, to go further until quit .... ?

    2017-11-14 16:38:42
  • Support with healthcare professional

    Can I get in touch with a health professional for help if I didn't ordered this service when I bought Smoking-Stopper method ?

    During the method purchase process on Smoking-Stopper's website,  you didn't select any smoker's balance delivery by any health professional, you can modify this but only before end of you analysis week (8 days period during which you case analyse your consomption).

    Process is described in application. Keep in mind that will be a phone support with a tobacco expert from Smoking-Stopper's Tabacoach line . You can keep the same way if you wish to be supported along you weaning way. 

    2017-12-04 11:12:55
  • Smoking Stopper distribution worldwide ?

    I can't find any answer to my question, how to find it ?

    Smoking-Stopper offers email hot line for users. In case, don't hesitate: Answer will reach you within 2 working days.

    2017-11-20 18:36:36
  • Smoking Stopper distribution worldwide ?

    I would like to buy Smoking-Stopper method to make a gift, is it possible ?

    Yes,  but be aware: motivation to quit must necessarily come from smoker and if that's not the case, success chances to quit will be reduced. 
    To ponder before offering !

    During purchase on Smoking-Stopper's website and for gift, you will have to take care about filling the right email adress from final user. If you don't know it when purchasing, you,can fill in your's, then when you will have collected the right adress, modify it, but be sure to do this before the final user starts his application's installation on his smartphone.

    2017-11-20 18:47:14
  • Points techniques sur l'étui

    Does theSmoking-Stopper receive all size of cigarettes, particularly thin ones and longers ?

    No, only standard size ones are insertables. Longer packs or tinner ones or square don't fit with Smoking-Stopper case. Nevertheless, it is possible to insert manually 25 cigarettes packs directly without box, or rolled cigarettes or made with tube help. Otherwise, Smoking-Stopper invite you to buy standard package formats.

    2017-12-04 11:04:44
  • Why fight against addictions ?

    How long time will I need to quit with Smoking-Stopper's method ?

    Theorically, from 1 to 8 months ! This delay is variable according to different criteria  regarding you smoker personality;  you and your trust to quit are as important as number of cigarettes smoked per day. This will determine you capacity to follow and comply with you weaning program.

    There isn't any right or wrong delay, jus the one you'll perform at your pace and the way you will feel to reach you target according to your capacities. Smoking-Stopper's method will adapt to your needs, and this in a progressive way. 

    2017-12-04 11:06:30
  • Points techniques sur l'étui

    Can every Smartphones operate technically with Smoking-Stopper case ?

    Every Smartphones with operating system under Android or under IOS, and offer BLUETOOTH LOW ENERGY (BLE) version 4 connection. This concerns most of recent Smartphones.

    However it is recommended to check this point  in your smartphone's user guide or with manufacturer or telecom operator. 

    2017-11-20 19:10:32
  • Why fight against addictions ?

    What is th use of the Analysis week before starting my weaning proram ?

    Before really starting your weaning program, Smoking-Stopper device will analyse when and how do you smoke: during an 8 days period, so called analysis week. You are going to take your cigarettes in your case, smoking as usual whitout changing anything in your habits. 

    By the end of this period, combined with your questionnaire's answers during installation session, an algorithm will determine which smoker's profile do you fit among the 32 listed, and will allow to propose the best strategy to reduce adapted to your smoker personality.

    2017-12-04 12:06:37